Heather left the family many original drawings. She drew rapidly and profusely, often producing dozens at a short event and 100s during residencies. She excelled at figures in motion such as dance and childbirth and pursued other subjects as they became available to her, for example, bell ringers at Oxford during a stay there for an exhibition. She was able to quickly capture the essence of a performing musician, poet or writer. She also drew finely detailed sketches and illustrations of the many subjects that interested her. Her drawings of infants in crisis were unsurpassed in unflinching accuracy and beauty; of special note were her poignant drawings from hospitals in Palestine. She studied the human body in detail over many years and understood musculature and movement at every stage of human development. A selection of available drawings will be posted here as they are catalogued. Currently featured are some ballet dancers, swimmers from an underwater point of view and Canadian League of Poets members from 2009/2013 conferences. If you are interested in the purchase of an original drawing, please reach out via the Contact page.


  1. Those short sketches are both powerful and graceful. When I was debuting I was a sticker for realistic details, but now I have learned to “let it flow” without worry. This is what I read here. Thanks.


  2. When I was a little girl, Heather lived at my parents place, while painting children in our village. Heather was a wonderful person and I remember her as very kind and was facinated by her – I wanted to be just like her, when I grew up 🥰 I actually paint – but will never be as wonderful an artist as Heather.


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