Mastery of line and movement… the sureness of her hand and the sympathy of her eye. She writes poems in the same way.

Heather Spears – 1934 – 2021
photo – Heather Gartside

This site is an homage to Heather Spears and her many contributions to art, literature, and poetry. Her blog posts have been preserved within the site. The bulk of her artwork is currently being catalogued by her family with a selection posted in the Gallery section. Please explore and enjoy.

One of her offered services that meant a great deal to many bereaved parents over the years has been passed to another artist. Inquires can be made in the Contact section.

The latest reprint (2020) of her drawing manual, The Creative Eye, is available for sale in unlimited quantities from her publisher. Other books are limited in availability but may be found via Amazon or from secondhand sellers. A final book of poems may be published at a later date.

The Creative Eye

The Creative Eye accesses new research explaining what goes on in the hard-working visual brain – even what hinders us as we try to draw. Spears’ method, developed over nearly half a century of international teaching, obsessive drawing and more than 20 books published, began as studio experiments and emerged as unique exercises in drawing. The book uses hundreds of illustrations of her own and student work, research on visual perception, and quotes and anecdotes of artists and poets. Heather persuades, informs and stimulates both the student and professional artist, injecting the fun and enthusiasm of the classroom into this new and amazing work. The Creative Eye stands highly praised, a modern classic in the theory and practice of drawing.

Fox cubs at play

Last night I heard the vixen’s
witch-laugh up past the quarry
when I was out with the dog.
The dog’s in heat, the cat’s
heavy, so wide her whiskers
don’t warn her in doorways.
Life’s at it. In the window
the buds on the whitethorn sprig
are slick fat spheres
pushed from the inside, the small cells
busy, very busy. What’s visual now
bores me, that eventual casual green,
but the thought of animal play
repeated a thousandfold, tumbling the country
in ditches, woods, warrens and nothing to do with man,
pleases me well.

How to Read Faces, 1986


  1. So pleased this page is here for us to remember Heather. She made such a huge impact in my creative life through her teaching and book The Creative Eye. She’s always in my thoughts.


  2. I am still inspired by Heather’s art in The Creative Eye, her poetry in The Word for Sand, and our enduring friendship of many decades. She is irreplaceable.


  3. Blessed is your face
    Blessed is your name
    My beloved
    Blessed is your smile
    Which makes my soul want to fly
    My beloved
    All the nights
    And all the times that
    You cared for me
    But I never realised it
    Now It’s too late
    Forgive me
    Now I’m alone filled with so much shame
    For all the years I caused you pain
    If only I could sleep in your arms again
    Mother I’m lost without you
    You were the sun that brightened my day
    Now who’s gonna wipe my tears away
    If only I knew what I know today
    Mother I’m lost without you


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