Other voices

Heather’s friends and colleagues wrote many wonderful tributes to her in the days following her passing. Some came in email, some were gathered by organizations such as the League of Canadian Poets, some were on Facebook, etc. Another dear friend of Heather’s has shared the following. The Death of Heather SpearsMargaret Slavin Dyment On the… Continue reading Other voices

Blog 9: reading the smile, in photos and in drawings

I mean here by reading: recognizing an expression – a universal ability. These are blog speculations about the illusion of the smile, the fixed smile, the difference between how we look at photos and at drawings. Up to now I had not thought about it so much; usually, if parents wanted me to draw after… Continue reading Blog 9: reading the smile, in photos and in drawings

Drawing the smile – Blog 8

A mother ordered several drawings from photos taken in hospital of her stillborn son. The baby alone, with his four-year-old sister, her with the baby or with both children. She had chosen eight. One she wanted was a “selfie” – the three of them lying close together in bed, with the baby in the centre.… Continue reading Drawing the smile – Blog 8

First exercise – The Creative Eye

Exercises from the book “The Creative Eye.” 1. The Visual Field. This is the second blog and first exercise. You don’t need any drawing materials for this one. Just sit back and see what is before you. It you’re reading this off a screen, look up (or back up) so more of the room or… Continue reading First exercise – The Creative Eye