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The Creative Eye: drawing, vision and the brain is a book for everyone who loves drawing and loves to draw. Now I’ve decided to make a blog, mostly of the drawing (and seeing) exercises in the book and other books I am writing..

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The Creative Eye cover

The exercises are designed so you can do them at home – I imagine you sitting in a room, a room which became very real as I wrote – doing them as you go along. Some are purely visual; others require some simple drawing tools.

They can also be done in a class. And they are more than exercises – they are new ways of seeing which will from now on inform and enrich your art.


Above all this is about how and why. You’ll be exploring the act of sight – how you see the way you do – and what lies behind seeing: your visual brain.


It’s tremendously exciting to find out what is actually happening when we look at something, and when we attempt to draw what we see.  The new brain research can explain it.


Heather Spears teaching drawing

You will be  learning about the brain and what it is up to, and how it affects our ability to draw, for better and for worse – because it can be for worse – but we can also learn what  to do about this.

The book contains background as well – the words of great artists and poets, stories and examples from decades of teaching and drawing, information from the new research into the visual brain. In the blog, I will concentrate on the exercises, and show many student examples as well

Follow here for the first exercise.

I intend to blog about every 10 days. I don’t know how to market yet, but will learn. And will provide a place for comments too.    Thanks.

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